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Fluid (Vision & product concepting)

After a great and successful brand design exercise, it was time to bring the Fluid vision to life on screen. 

The idea was to communicate what Fluid can do in various form factors while giving the viewer room to imagine how far they can push it given the chance.


Enjoy the video, and keep scrolling to go through the behind the scenes of this project. 

1. Gathering inspiration

This is always fun. Forging our own concepts off of the existence of other works and nature. It is always a beautiful process. From Picasso to Microsoft design and Ikea, the mood board was a vast landscape of ideas. And you will see why.


2. Storyboarding

Also a fun part. So many feedback loops. Until the right sequence of events is set to tell a good story. 

story board.jpg

3. Modelling & Rigging

I am trying to save us time, so I skipped a few steps. The point is, we had to animate a lot of hands doing various gestures. A very tedious but unavoidable process. 

4. Asset UI design

We had to wear our product design hats here and design interfaces for the different devices through out the video.

  • An ecommerce site

  • A self serve burger kiosk

  • An iPhone

  • A smart TV

  • 2 computers playing ping pong

  • A tablet with a social media app

Living room - Smart TV

living room.jpg

The final render

E-commerce - Laptop Scene


Final render

Burger menu -  Kiosk Scene


Final Render

Ping Pong game -  Mac & Desktop scene

Ping pong.jpg

Final renders

Tablet Scene - Social media


Final render

5. Animatic

Before any serious texturing and rendering is done, we have to make an animatic to give us an idea of what the video will be.

6. And the final video once more. 


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